About Cleaning Services Hub

About Us

Cleaning Services Hub was founded on the belief that finding quality cleaning services should be straightforward and hassle-free for everyone, whether they are homeowners or business owners.

The journey began when our founder, who had faced their own struggles in finding reliable cleaning services for their bustling café in the heart of Malaysia, decided it was time to create a solution. They noticed a gap in the market for a service that not only connected people with cleaning professionals but also ensured those professionals were of the highest standard.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission at Cleaning Services Hub is to revolutionize the way people find and book cleaning services.

We are committed to providing a seamless, reliable, and efficient platform that connects individuals and businesses with the best cleaning professionals in Malaysia.

We strive to simplify the process of finding high-quality cleaning services, ensuring that our customers can enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable environment without any hassle.

Johnson Low: The Visionary Behind Cleaning Services Hub

Johnson Low is the entrepreneurial force behind Cleaning Services Hub, a platform that has redefined the cleaning service industry in Malaysia. Born and raised in Malaysia, Johnson has always been passionate about leveraging technology to solve everyday problems. With a background in software engineering and a keen interest in the hospitality sector, he possesses a unique blend of skills that perfectly suited him for creating a revolutionary service in the cleaning industry.

Before founding Cleaning Services Hub, Johnson experienced the frustration of trying to find reliable cleaning services for his family’s restaurant. This challenge sparked an idea in him: to develop a platform that would make it easier for both individuals and businesses to connect with top-tier cleaning professionals. Johnson’s vision was clear – to create a service that was not only efficient and reliable but also fostered a sense of community and trust between customers and service providers.