5 Best Deep Cleaning in Malaysia

In search of unparalleled deep cleaning services in Malaysia? Fortune has smiled upon you! We have dedicated endless hours to meticulously analyzing the market, delving into customer feedback, and assessing service options to present you with the absolute best in cleanliness.

We understand that you’re busy and that finding the right cleaning service can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Get ready to discover the five best deep cleaning services that Malaysia has to offer, each with a reputation for making spaces sparkle and shine.

DG-maid agency

Maid Agency Malaysia/Filipino maid/DG Maid Agency/Maid BioData in Malaysia

When it comes to deep-cleaning services, DG-maid agency stands out with its exceptional offerings. With 20 years of experience, they’re not only a top-rated maid agency in Malaysia but also a trusted source for Filipino and Indonesian maid services. They specialize in providing professional and well-trained maids who are given a thorough orientation to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Picture coming home to a living space that’s not just tidy but truly pristine. That’s the level of clean DG-Maid agency strives to provide. Their maid consultation services are a testament to their commitment to quality. They ensure each maid is equipped to tackle the challenges of deep cleaning, making sure no nook or cranny goes unnoticed.

Beyond just cleaning, DG-Maid agency also offers an array of other services to make the hiring process as smooth as possible:

  • Document Service: They simplify your life with services like collecting and returning documents in the Klang Valley area, facilitating Philippine Embassy documentation, and assisting with the Check Out Memo Application for departing housemaids. – Transport Support: Ease of transportation is guaranteed for tasks such as fetching maids from the airport, helping with passport renewals, and arranging medical check-ups including FOMEMA, essential for the Maid Visa.
  • Maid Welfare: DG-Maid Agency doesn’t stop at just providing maids; they go the extra mile by purchasing health insurance schemes and offering free 24-month counseling services for Filipino maids.
  • Bureaucratic Assistance: They take the pain out of the employment process by handling the renewal of Filipino maid’s employment contracts (POEA), transfer of employment, and immigration consultancy for hiring procedures.

For those who prefer to Request Their Own Maid from the Philippines or Indonesia, DG-Maid agency streamlines the application process, ensuring your preferred maids meet both the emotional and the rigorous cleaning standards you expect for your home.

Website: https://www.dgmaidagency.com.my/
Address: Malaysia
Contact Number: +60123588953 / +6038740984



When you’re considering the best deep cleaning services in Malaysia, WonderKlean definitely deserves a spot on your list. Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, their goal was crystal clear: to craft a safer, cleaner living environment for you and your family. Professionalism, effectiveness, and safety are the cornerstones of the WonderKlean experience.

They’ve amalgamated three powerful concepts—Wonder, Knowledge, and Clean—into their brand ethos, meaning they apply expert knowledge towards achieving outstanding cleanliness. With WonderKlean, you tap into cutting-edge cleaning services that are both comprehensive and reliable.

Comprehensive Home Care Solutions

WonderKlean takes pride in offering a spectrum of services that address all aspects of home care. Their plans are designed to be flexible, suiting a variety of needs and budgets. You can tailor a package that’s just right for your lifestyle, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your home receives the attention it needs.

Why Choose WonderKlean?

One of the standout qualities of WonderKlean is their commitment to providing value without compromising on quality. Their service list is broad, covering the range from general cleaning to more intensive deep cleans. WonderKlean’s promise—to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene—makes them a go-to solution for those who prioritize health and wellness in their living spaces.

Recognitions and Achievements

Their pursuit of excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. WonderKlean has been honored with several awards, bolstering their reputation as a top-tier service provider:

  • Inspirational Brand Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2022
  • Golden Bull Award in 2022
  • 2022 Southeast Asia Home Wellness Solutions Company Of The Year by Frost & Sullivan

These accolades serve as testament to their dedication and effectiveness in delivering superior cleaning solutions tailored to enhance your home’s wellness.

Website: https://wonderklean.com.my/
Address: Malaysia
Contact Number: 03-9133 0933

Garden Works

Garden Works | Landscaping, Pest Control & Cleaning Services Logo

When you’re looking for a deep cleaning service that extends beyond the interior of your home and into the realm of outdoor maintenance, Garden Works steps in as your go-to solution. Since 1992, Garden Works has not only honed its expertise in pest control but also in garden maintenance, offering a suite of services to keep your outdoor space as pristine as your indoor environment.

The beauty of Garden Works lies in their tailored approach. Recognizing that each garden and pest issue is unique, they can design a pest control or maintenance program specifically for your situation. Options range from Monthly to Annual service plans, allowing you to choose the frequency that best fits your garden’s needs and your personal schedule.

At your disposal is a company that balances impressive reach with a personal touch, large enough to handle a broad variety of issues yet small enough to deliver individualized service. Garden Works values the trust and relationship with their customers, fostering open communication to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Also, as a Licensed Pest Control Operator, Garden Works operates with a high degree of credibility. Rest assured, all pesticides used are sanctioned by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia, which means your garden is treated with substances that are as safe as they are effective.

Below is an overview of the service plans offered:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Annual

Understanding that each project is different, Garden Works eschews one-size-fits-all pricing. Instead, they formulate service costs that reflect the specific demands of your project without compromising the integrity of their work. This dedication to providing a fair and honest service solidifies Garden Works as not just a provider but as your partner in maintaining a healthy and vibrant outdoor space.

Website: https://gardenworks.com.my/
Address: 4-B, Jalan BK2/11, Bandar Kinrara, 58200 Puchong, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: +60 12 3271515 +60 12 3226446

Big Family Cleaning Services

Big Family Cleaning

If you’re on the hunt for comprehensive cleaning solutions, look no further than Big Family Cleaning Services. Ranked among the premier cleaning maid service agencies in Malaysia, they’ve cultivated a reputation for quality and professionalism. Whether you need your home, office, or industrial factory free from dirt and grime, their services are tailored to your needs.

Professional cleaners from Big Family Cleaning Services are not just any run-of-the-mill staff. They are meticulously selected and rigorously trained at a dedicated training center right in Malaysia. This ensures that every cleaner you interact with isn’t only skillful but also well-versed in the art of cleaning efficiently.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Big Family Cleaning Services:

  • Customized Cleaning Plans: Services are designed to fit the unique cleaning requirements of your space.
  • Trained Professionals: All cleaners undergo extensive training before setting foot in your property.
  • Wide Service Area: Servicing many areas including Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Melawati, Gombak, Ampang, Cheras, as well as other locations within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Their mission? To deliver the highest quality cleaning services at prices that won’t expensive. Also, they hold themselves to a high standard of customer service, treating all clients with the utmost respect and courtesy.

When you’re considering Big Family Cleaning Services, remember that you’re not just paying for a clean space. You’re investing in a trustworthy relationship, where service integrity is never compromised. Their dedication to client satisfaction has established them as a top choice for those who value a clean and safe environment in every nook and cranny of their properties.

Website: https://www.bigfamilycleaning.com/
Address: Kuala Lumpur and Selangor
Contact Number: +600125654119

Ecotech Cleaning

Ecotech Cleaning Industry in Malaysia- JMBMALAYSIA.ORG

If you’re on the hunt for an eco-friendly way to tackle the grime in your space, Ecotech Cleaning Industry Sdn Bhd stands out with its commitment to eco-technology. Specializing in non-toxic and safe cleaning methodologies, their services range from mattress and carpet cleaning to sanitizing and disinfection. When it’s time to make your living or work environment allergy-free, Ecotech’s high technology equipment targets and removes allergens with ease.

Specialized Cleaning Services Offered

At Ecotech, the range of specialized cleaning services include:

  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Car Seats Cleaning
  • Moving In/Out/Post Renovation Cleaning
  • Sanitizing & Disinfection

These services are designed to cater to both residential and commercial clients. Each task is performed using the latest high technology equipment, ensuring a sharp focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

Why Choose Ecotech

What sets Ecotech apart is their unique Deep Extraction Cleaning, Sanitizing Steam Cleaning, and Shampooing Wet Cleaning methods. These groundbreaking techniques ensure a deeper clean without the environmental impact. Ecotech’s commitment to the environment is evident in their use of 100% natural cleaning products. These products are fortified with essential oils, presenting a double advantage of effective cleaning and a pleasant, non-toxic scent.

The Team behind the Clean

Led by an experienced team leader who’s been part of Ecotech since its inception, the team at Ecotech Cleaning promises a service that’s both warm and efficient. Recognizing the diverse needs of various spaces, no job is too big or small for their skilled staff. With a mission rooted in delivering top-notch indoor environment quality, customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of Ecotech’s values.

Whether you’re moving into a new office, gearing up for a renovation, or simply in need of a thorough clean, Ecotech Cleaning Industry Sdn Bhd provides the reliable choice for leading a healthier, happier lifestyle. With a range of specialized services delivered right to your doorstep, you can rest assured that quality and eco-sensitivity go hand-in-hand.

Website: https://ecotechcleaning.com/
Address: Malaysia
Contact Number: +6016-7160 960

Criteria For Selecting The Best Deep Cleaning Services in Malaysia

When scouring through the options for deep cleaning services in Malaysia, it’s important to know what criteria you should consider. Reputation is paramount. Look for companies with glowing testimonials and high user ratings. These reflections of customer satisfaction are often a testament to the quality of service provided.

Your choice should also hinge on the range of services offered. A versatile cleaning company like Ecotech Cleaning Industry Sdn Bhd can cater to a variety of needs, whether it’s cleaning your carpets or sanitizing the whole house post-renovation. Having a one-stop solution means you won’t need to juggle between different services for different cleaning needs.

Another crucial factor is the quality of cleaning agents and equipment used. Check if the company employs high technology equipment and if they’re committed to eco-friendly practices. With Ecotech, for example, knowing that they use 100% natural cleaning products can put you at ease, especially if you’re conscious about your environmental footprint.

Experience and expertise count significantly. Seasoned professionals understand the nuances of deep cleaning. They are typically more efficient and can tackle unforeseen challenges effectively. Experienced teams, like those at WonderKlean and Garden Works, bring tried-and-tested methods to the table, often resulting in superior cleaning outcomes.

Finally, cost transparency and customer service are non-negotiables. You want no surprises when it comes to billing, and top-notch customer service ensures that any concerns or queries you have pre or post-cleaning are addressed promptly. Firms should be willing to discuss your specific needs and customize their offerings accordingly, as seen with Big Family Cleaning Services.


Choosing the right deep cleaning service is crucial for maintaining a spotless and healthy environment. You’ve got the essential criteria to make an well-informed choice and a list of top-notch providers that meet these standards.

Remember, a reputable company with a comprehensive range of services, high-quality cleaning products, proven expertise, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service will ensure your space isn’t just clean—it’s pristine. Trust in these professionals for a deep clean that exceeds expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are deep cleaning services in Malaysia?

Deep cleaning services in Malaysia go beyond the regular cleaning routine. They involve an extensive cleaning process that reaches deep grime and dirt in homes and businesses to ensure a higher level of hygiene and cleanliness.

How do I select the best deep cleaning service in Malaysia?

When selecting the best deep cleaning service, look for a reputable company with a wide range of services, high-quality cleaning agents and equipment, demonstrated experience and expertise, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service.

What factors should I consider when choosing a deep cleaning company?

You should consider the company’s reputation, the variety of deep cleaning services offered, the quality of cleaning agents and equipment used, the company’s experience and expertise, the transparency of cost, and the quality of their customer service.

Can you recommend some deep cleaning service providers in Malaysia?

Some reputable deep cleaning service providers in Malaysia include Ecotech Cleaning Industry Sdn Bhd, WonderKlean, Garden Works, and Big Family Cleaning Services. Each has a strong reputation for providing thorough and professional cleaning services.

Why is it important to research a cleaning company’s reputation?

Researching a cleaning company’s reputation is crucial because it ensures that the company has a history of satisfied customers and delivers high-quality cleaning services. A good reputation often reflects reliability and trustworthiness.

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