13 Best Office Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Maintaining a spotless office goes beyond just presenting a positive image; it’s essential for fostering a healthful and efficient workplace atmosphere. This is the reason selecting an appropriate cleaning service becomes vital. However, given the plethora of choices available, determining the optimal one for your company can be challenging.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the market, put in hundreds of hours of research, and meticulously identified the crème de la crème of office cleaning services in Malaysia. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, ensuring you’re equipped with the information you need to make an well-informed choice.

Ultra Cleaning

Ultra Cleaning is a well-regarded cleaning service provider in Malaysia, known for its proficiency in handling a multitude of cleaning tasks, with particular praise for its office cleaning services. The company’s dedication to creating a clean and productive workspace is commendable and has been recognized by various clients throughout the industry. Their team of trained professionals utilizes the latest cleaning equipment, ensuring a thorough and efficient service.

Clients recommend Ultra Cleaning for its fast response times and the ability to customize services to meet specific needs, which is essential for various office spaces. The company boasts a high customer satisfaction rate, with over 50,000 cleaning jobs successfully completed—a testament to their reliability and quality of service.

Moreover, the affordability of Ultra Cleaning’s rates makes professional cleaning accessible to a broader range of businesses without compromising on service standards. The fact that Ultra Cleaning is CIDB certified further underlines its commitment to professional cleaning standards.

Ultra Cleaning’s reputation for excellent office cleaning services comes from their experienced personnel, use of the latest technology, and client-centric approach, making them a top recommendation by experts in the field for those requiring office cleaning services in Malaysia.

Website: https://ultracleaning.com.my/

Cleaning Services Pro of Kuala Lumpur

Cleaning Services Pro of Kuala Lumpur comes highly recommended by experts for multiple reasons. Known for their professional and thorough approach, this company has made a name for itself in the office cleaning sector. They employ a team of diligent workers who are both skilled and meticulous about every task they undertake.

One of the key factors setting Cleaning Services Pro apart is their attention to detail. They understand that office spaces require more than just surface cleaning – they need a sanitary environment that promotes health and productivity. From dusting and vacuuming to sanitizing workstations, their experts leave no stone unturned to ensure a spotless workspace.

Moreover, their use of eco-friendly cleaning agents and modern equipment guarantees that your office is not only clean but also free from harsh chemicals. This consideration for the environment and the well-being of office occupants is commendable.

Clients appreciate their punctuality and the seamless communication from start to finish. With customizable cleaning plans, they cater to the specific needs of each office, small or large. In addition, their competitive pricing and exceptional customer service make them a top choice for businesses looking for quality office cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur. Every sentence in this honest review is crafted to offer insight into why Cleaning Services Pro is trusted by experts in the field.

Website: https://cleaningservicespro.com.my/kuala-lumpur/

DFY Cleaner

DFY Cleaner is widely recognized for its thorough and reliable office cleaning services in Malaysia. Their team of professional cleaners is well-trained, boasting years of experience in the industry, which allows them to deliver exceptional cleaning results that not only meet but often exceed client expectations. This attention to detail and the commitment to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is the reason many experts recommend DFY Cleaner for office environments.

The importance of a clean office space cannot be overstressed; it directly impacts the health and productivity of the employees and also plays a crucial role in presenting a positive image to clients and visitors. DFY Cleaner understands this and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, ensuring that the process is safe for both humans and pets. Their service is also flexible, offering contract cleaning without binding clients into long-term agreements, thereby providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each office space.

DFY Cleaner operates with a customer-centric approach, offering competitive quotes and ensuring quality workmanship in all tasks undertaken. From the front office to the back office and all the communal areas in between, DFY Cleaner’s team is equipped to handle all aspects of office cleaning, making them a go-to solution for businesses looking for a dependable cleaning service in Malaysia. Their straightforward booking process and round-the-clock availability further enhance their appeal to corporate clients.

Website: https://www.dfycleaner.my/

Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners is a reputable provider of professional office cleaning services within Malaysia, known for their team of well-trained and experienced cleaners. They specialize in delivering thorough and efficient cleaning for a variety of office environments, ensuring a clean, healthy, and safe workspace. Their range of services includes carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, disinfection, post-renovation cleaning, and regular office cleaning.

One of the key reasons experts recommend Fantastic Cleaners is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They utilize professional-grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, which not only lead to impeccable cleaning results but also minimize any potential harm to office furnishings and the environment. Their specialized tools and products are specially designed to handle different cleaning tasks, making them a versatile option for business owners.

Regular office cleanings, as provided by Fantastic Cleaners, are essential for maintaining employee productivity and well-being. A clean office reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, lowers the risk of pest infestations, and can help prevent workplace accidents caused by clutter and spills. This, in turn, can leave a positive impression on both staff and visitors, reflecting the company’s attention to detail and care for its stakeholders.

Fantastic Cleaners offer flexible scheduling options to avoid interruption of daily business operations and can tailor their services to fit the specific cleaning needs of each office. Their services are competitively priced and they strive to provide the best rates based on office size and location. Prospective clients can easily request a free quote through various calls to action on their website, and even get in touch via WhatsApp for a quick response.

For those businesses in need of reliable and efficient office cleaning services in Malaysia, Fantastic Cleaners comes highly recommended. Their professionalism, range of services, use of high-quality cleaning agents, and commitment to health and safety make them a top choice for maintaining a pristine office environment. The company’s positive track record, highlighted by numerous five-star reviews, reaffirms the trust that clients have in their services.

Website: https://www.fantasticcleaners.com.my/office-cleaning-malaysia/

Tenaga Cekap

Tenaga Cekap is a highly recommended cleaning service in Malaysia, known for its expertise in office cleaning. Their team of well-trained cleaners is dedicated to ensuring a spotless, hygienic office environment, which is crucial for maintaining employee health and productivity. They use advanced tools and follow strict cleaning protocols, making them a top choice for businesses in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas.

Customers have praised Tenaga Cekap for their meticulous attention to detail and the transformative effect their services have on workspaces. This has led to improved organization and cleanliness, which can significantly boost workplace efficiency.

Another major advantage of choosing Tenaga Cekap is their competitive pricing and customizable packages. They cater to various needs, whether for a small office or a large corporate space. Their willingness to adapt their services to client requirements adds to their appeal.

Professional office cleaning services like Tenaga Cekap’s also contribute to the longevity of office furniture and equipment, providing a return on investment by avoiding early replacement costs. Their commitment to using environmentally friendly products also reflects a dedication to sustainable practices.

Overall, those in need of reliable office cleaning in the Selangor region will find Tenaga Cekap’s offerings comprehensive and their quality of service exemplary. Their focus on customer satisfaction and the health of the office environment makes them a wise choice for professional cleaning services.

Website: https://tenagacekap.com.my/office-cleaning-services-kuala-lumpur/


ONE ARS SDN BHD has garnered positive attention for its professional cleaning services since 2016. Our experts recommend ONE ARS due to their steadfast commitment to high-quality standards and exceptional customer satisfaction. The company specializes in a range of services, with office cleaning being a primary focus. They are known for their well-trained and professional team who efficiently handle cleaning tasks from A to Z.

Clients have particularly praised ONE ARS for their commercial cleaning service, noting the thoroughness and attention to detail that their staff brings to each job. As offices are critical spaces where cleanliness and tidiness directly impact productivity and employee well-being, ONE ARS’s ability to consistently deliver a pristine environment is highly valued.

In addition to their expertise, ONE ARS demonstrates a clear understanding of the importance of sanitation, strictly adhering to standard operating procedures to create a safer workspace. This dedication to creating a clean and healthy environment makes ONE ARS a top-choice provider for office cleaning services. Their service is not only efficient but also reliable, which is essential for maintaining uninterrupted business operations.

Customer testimonials reflect satisfaction across the board, and the company’s approach to customer service is evident through prompt and helpful communication channels, including phone and email support. Overall, for businesses seeking a trusted cleaning partner in Kuala Lumpur, ONE ARS SDN BHD stands out as a recommended choice.

Website: https://arsms.com.my/


Kilatpro has established itself as a trusted name in professional cleaning services, particularly in office cleaning. Since its inception in 2009, Kilatpro has garnered a reputation for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in commercial settings. Their team of expertly trained cleaners is fully equipped to handle various office environments, ensuring a spotless workspace conducive to productivity.

Clients appreciate Kilatpro’s use of medical-grade disinfectants and proven cleaning methods that guarantee a thorough cleanse. With flexible scheduling and prompt customer service, they make it convenient for businesses to keep their premises immaculate without disrupting daily operations. Additionally, the company’s commitment to ethical hiring practices by employing legal local workers provides peace of mind regarding security and reliability.

What sets Kilatpro apart is their attention to detail and customizable cleaning options tailored to specific office needs. Their services are not just about maintaining a clean office but enhancing the work environment for better employee well-being and a professional appearance. This focus on quality service delivery is why our experts recommend Kilatpro for office cleaning needs in the Klang Valley area. Considering these factors, Kilatpro can be considered a top choice for businesses seeking a dependable office cleaning service provider.

Website: https://kilatpro.com/

Le ‘Kas Services Sdn. Bhd

Le ‘Kas Services Sdn Bhd stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of professional cleaning. With more than a decade of experience, the company has garnered a reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality service. Founded in 2005 as Le ‘Kas Hygen Services, they have consistently elevated the standards of cleanliness and hygiene across various industries.

Their bespoke structured cleaning programs are designed to integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing office routines, demonstrating a considerate approach to workplace maintenance. Services offered by Le ‘Kas cater to a wide array of needs including office and commercial center cleaning, waste management, and specialized tasks like carpet and tile restoration. Particularly notable is their professional car cleaning and polishing, which caters to showroom standards – a testament to their comprehensive expertise.

Clients of Le ‘Kas Services Sdn Bhd can expect an unwavering commitment to quality, underpinned by the use of eco-friendly detergents. The firm’s focus on creating a hygienic and productive work environment is paramount, and the impact of their services on both staff productivity and customer impression is significant. Their team of well-trained staff underscores the importance Le ‘Kas places on skill and efficacy. Training encompasses supervisory skills, best-in-class cleaning methods, security, and professional conduct.

With an impressive client database that includes reputable names like Peugeot, MST Golf, and the Titijaya Group, Le ‘Kas has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry. Their dedication to client satisfaction is evident in their comprehensive quality control process, including regular inspections and a timekeeping system to ensure punctuality and consistency.

For those seeking top-tier office cleaning services, experts recommend Le ‘Kas Services Sdn Bhd for their reliability and proven track record. The company prides itself on not just fulfilling but surpassing client expectations, positioning itself as a valuable asset in any hygiene management strategy.


About Us – Professional Cleaning Services

When scouring for top-tier office cleaning services in Malaysia, CleanMan stands out for specialized deep cleaning services. CleanMan ACS’s expertise extends to commercial kitchens and restaurants, where detail-oriented deep cleaning and degreasing are paramount for health and safety. With a track record that stretches back to 1998, ACS has built up a commendable reputation and a roster of impressive clients.

What sets CleanMan apart is its comprehensive service offering. Not only do they specialize in but they also tackle:

  • Work-at-height cleaning for high ceilings
  • Disinfecting areas to ensure they meet hygiene standards
  • Applying anti-slip coatings to flooring
  • Comprehensive carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Handyman services like tiling, painting, and general maintenance

Investing in quality, Aodac ensures that its staff is professionally trained. Hence, they guarantee efficiency and rigorous inspection for every project. They are not just about maintaining standards; they seek to exceed them, with a commitment to delivering the highest possible standard of cleaning.

CleanMan credentials are impeccable. They boast certifications in BizSAFE 3, Managing Work-At-Heights, Environmental Infection Control & Management, Facilities Management, and Food Safety & Hygiene Audit. This suite of certifications not only highlights their dedication to safety and quality but assures you that your cleaning needs are in the most competent hands.

The management at CleanMan infuses the company with strong commitment and leadership, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the heart of what they do. As they continue to aspire towards excellence, your business’s cleanliness and hygiene standards are set to soar with CleanMan by your side.

Website: https://cleanman.com.my/
Address: No 2 Persiaran Akuatiak, 40100 Shah Alam Selangor
Contact Number: 6013 8665114

Ecotech Cleaning

Ecotech Cleaning Industry in Malaysia- JMBMALAYSIA.ORG

As you explore the best office cleaning services in Malaysia, Ecotech Cleaning Industry Sdn Bhd earns a spot on your list with its wide range of specialized cleaning services catering to both residential and commercial clients. With a formidable track record built overt years, they’ve cemented their reputation as a reliable provider in the cleaning industry.

Tailor-Made Cleaning Solutions: One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cleaning. Recognizing this, Ecotech offers cleaning services that cover a broad spectrum:

  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Car Seats Cleaning

Ecotech doesn’t stop at just the details within your office. They extend their expertise to Moving In/Out/Post Renovation Cleaning, ensuring that your transition into a new space is as smooth and clean as possible. Door Step Services for Maximum Convenience: Ecotech stands out with their door step services. They make it their mission to come to you, minimizing the disruption to your daily operations. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about providing efficient cleaning without interrupting your workflow.

Advanced Technology for a Deeper Clean: Employing the latest high-technology equipment, Ecotech prides itself on removing allergens and dust, which are major contributors to allergic reactions among staff. The focus on creating a hygienic space goes a long way in promoting a healthy environment for your employees to thrive.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: The goal for Ecotech isn’t just to clean; it’s to make sure you’re completely satisfied. They ensure that their cleaning services leave your office not only spotless but also more conducive to productivity. The promise of customer satisfaction isn’t taken lightly, and Ecotech works diligently to uphold this commitment with each task they undertake.

Website: https://ecotechcleaning.com/
Address: Ecotech Cleaning Industry D-05-7, Medan Connaught Centerpoint Taman Len Seng, No.1, Jln 3/144a, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Number: +6016-7160 960

Bon & J

BON & J SERVICE | Professional Cleaning Service in Klang Valley |  Residential and Commercial |

When cleanliness and impeccable service are your top priorities for office maintenance, Bon & J Service, also known to many as Lady Kakak Professional Cleaning Services, stands as a distinguished option within the Klang Valley region. Renowned for their bespoke cleaning solutions, they offer you flexibility with choices between daily, weekly, or monthly office cleaning routines. This enables you to maintain a pristine office environment consistently.

Their dedication to quality service includes an extensive range of activities such as vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying trash receptacles, and thoroughly wiping work desks, windows, and surfaces of cabinets. If your needs extend beyond janitorial work, Bon & J Service is more than equipped to provide a full-time cleaner and tea lady to ensure your office remains a welcoming and comfortable space.

With an industry presence exceeding a decade, Bon & J has cultivated a reputation for excellence. More than 10 years of experience attest to their commitment to high-quality services tailored to the unique needs of each client. The team at Bon & J relies on the latest equipment and techniques, guaranteeing not just a job well done but also a job done with efficiency and effectiveness. Their dedication to excellence isn’t limited to the services provided; it also encompasses a strong commitment to excellent customer service. Bon & J ensures that each cleaning task is performed to the highest standard, striving to achieve full customer satisfaction for each service rendered.

Industries Served by Bon & J span across various sectors, showcasing their versatility and expertise:

  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Shopping Complex
  • Office Complex
  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Building
  • Transportation Hub
  • Institution

Whether you’re situated in an opulent hotel or bustling office complex, Bon & J adapts their services to meet the specific needs of your industry, prioritizing a clean and healthy work environment to bolster productivity and well-being.

Website: https://www.bonandjservice.com/
Contact Number: +60143661557

Diamond Wash

Diamond Wash Cleaning Service | Kuala Lumpur

Stepping into the realm of immaculate spaces, Diamond Wash emerges as a noteworthy contender among office cleaning services in Malaysia. Founded in 2018, Diamond Wash brings a commitment to deliver the highest quality cleaning duties that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your search for a reliable and efficient cleaning team in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ends here. Whether it’s your home, the confines of a bustling factory, a high-traffic office, or an event that demands cleanliness, Diamond Wash’s mobile cleaning team is equipped to handle it all with ease.

With Diamond Wash, it’s all about the calibre of the people behind the brooms and mops. Their cleaners go through a rigorous training program, ensuring that they are more than capable to meet the demands of a variety of cleaning tasks. This dedication to professional development is key to providing you with top-notch services.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s the little things that count. Diamond Wash prides itself on its team’s exceptional attention to detail. Every nook and cranny, every surface, and every corner of your office is meticulously cleaned, reflecting a standard of excellence that Diamond Wash stands for.

Choosing a cleaning service is about more than just a sparkling finish; it’s also about trust and reliability. Diamond Wash is not just a team of cleaners; they’re a licensed business, trusted by their clientele to bring peace of mind. With them handling the job, you can rest assured that your office is in good hands.

Website: https://www.diamondwash.com.my/
Address: Malaysia
Contact Number: +6012 – 564 5998


Wepii - Part Time Maid Cleaning Services

When you’re on the hunt for top-notch office cleaning, you can’t overlook wepii, hailed as the premier part-time maid booking platform in Malaysia. With a straightforward booking system, securing a clean and welcoming office space is as easy as making a phone call. The platform’s user-friendly nature streamlines the process of finding the right cleaning professional for your office.

wepii takes the stress out of arranging your office cleaning requirements. If you prefer a more hands-off approach when it comes to transactions, you’ll appreciate their cashless online payment option. You can schedule recurring cleanings ensuring your workspace remains spotless, whether you need services weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This feature is especially convenient for maintaining a consistent level of cleanliness without the need to manually book each session.

Website: https://www.wepii.com.my/
Address: Wisma Greenway, No 15, Jalan Batai Laut 7, Taman Bukit Cemerlang, 41300 Klang, Selangor
Contact Number: 010-8016789

Criteria For Selecting The Best Office Cleaning Services in Malaysia

When you’re on the hunt for the best office cleaning services, knowing what criteria to consider is crucial. First and foremost, assess the reputation of each company. A trusted brand typically has a history of positive reviews and reliable customer feedback. You can do a quick online search or ask for recommendations from other businesses within your network.

Experience and specializations also play a significant role. Look for companies that have a proven track record in your specific industry. Whether it’s a corporate office or an industrial workspace, specialized experience ensures that the cleaners are equipped to meet your needs.

Here are some key points to focus on:

  • Certifications and Licenses: Ensure the service is fully certified and licensed to operate within Malaysia. This shows commitment to standards and regulations.
  • Customized Service Plans: Opt for cleaning services that offer flexibility in their packages. You may require different levels of attention at various times, so a service that tailors to your demands is ideal.
  • Safety Standards: They should adhere to strict safety protocols, especially if they use chemical cleaning agents. You’ll want a team that takes the well-being of your staff and premises seriously.
  • Professional Training: The cleaners should be well-trained and knowledgeable. This guarantees that they’re capable of using advanced cleaning techniques efficiently.
  • Client Satisfaction: A robust loop of feedback and service adjustment indicates that a company values client satisfaction and is responsive to your needs.

Website: https://www.wepii.com.my/


Choosing the right office cleaning service for your business in Malaysia is crucial. You’ve learned what to look for—from reputation and experience to eco-friendly practices and comprehensive insurance coverage. Remember, a clean office is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a healthy and productive environment for you and your staff. Armed with the insights from this guide, you’re now ready to make a well-informed choice that will contribute to the well-being and efficiency of your workspace. Go ahead and select a cleaning partner that aligns with your company’s values and needs. Your pristine office awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of keeping an office clean?

Regular office cleaning leads to a healthier environment, promotes productivity, and creates a professional appearance for clients and employees.

How do I choose the best office cleaning service in Malaysia?

Look for providers with a strong reputation, significant experience, proper certifications and licenses, personalized service plans, strict safety standards, professional training for their staff, high client satisfaction, eco-friendly options, quick response times, insurance coverage, and a wide range of services.

What services do top-tier office cleaning services in Malaysia offer?

Top-tier office cleaning services typically offer dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, trash removal, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and specialized equipment cleaning.

Why is it important for an office cleaning service to have insurance?

Insurance is crucial as it protects your business from liability in the event of damage or accidents during the cleaning process.

How do eco-friendly office cleaning options benefit my office?

Eco-friendly cleaning options reduce the use of harmful chemicals, creating a safer environment for employees and reducing your office’s carbon footprint.

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